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Andy Kroll

UWIRE’s Andy Kroll will ditch his car, brave the cold shopping for local goods at farmers’ markets and show just how dirty it can get building a compost pile as he spends a month trying to cut his carbon footprint. The University of Michigan senior will be chronicling his experiences and exploring stories on innovation and the auto industry in his state, ways college students can really cut back and renewable energy. He’ll even cover how sustainability extends to the bedroom. Join Andy and’s Kaitlin Urka as they find out what it takes to go green on campus. To reach Andy, email him at

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  1. April 23, 2009 5:28 pm

    Hi Andy,

    I found you on………..good stuff, very informative. I noted in your “About” comments that you are looking at innovative ways to cut back on energy consumption on college campuses.

    Most campuses have buildings with large arched windows that, in most cases, are left without window treatments. They are left untreated because historically there was no good way to put a shade, blind, drape, etc. on the window. Energy saving efforts of past generations typically just permanently covered the window. The good news is this may have kept the sun out in summer when it was typically unwanted. The bad news is it kept the sun out in winter when the passive heat gains would be welcomed. Blocking the sun typically blocked the sunlight into the room. No sunlight coming in required additional lighting sources be added thus consuming even more energy.

    Our company has the perfect solution for arched windows……..the ADJUST-A-VIEW (AAV) arched window treatment. It is the only “moveable” window treatment in the world that can treat large (up to 12′ in diameter and even larger) arched windows. With the AAV the shades can be positioned fully closed, open or any place in-between. This allows room occupants to control the heat gain/loss from the window and shield the sunlight when unwanted but also allow it to enter the room when welcomed.

    Please view our site ( and have a look at this innovative product. The AAV is not the end-all, silver bullet solution that solves the entire issue, but is a significant contributor to the solution. Enacting lots of contributors will eventually create the results we all want.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Pflieger
    (800) 874-9594

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